Learn more about us: MAQFORT - Machines and Tools S.A. Learn more about us: MAQFORT - Machines and Tools S.A.


Comercializamos Máquinas e Ferramentas Industriais: máquinas Corte Laser Chapa, Máquinas Corte Laser Tubo, Máquinas Corte Plasma, Quinadeiras, Guilhotinas, Calandras, Prensas Hidráulicas, Prensas Mecânicas.

MAQFORT is a young company, served by highly dynamic people and always connected to the world of machine tools. Deep knowledge of the reality and needs of the market, we look for the best solutions worldwide. We provide our customers with equipment with the highest technology and quality.

MAQFORT installations

The new facilities located in Vila Nova de Famalicão have an area of ​​12000 m2. In this unique space you can find in permanent stock hundreds of equipment ready to be tested and delivered. We also have essential components and spare parts for quick service.

Assistance and Training

Technical assistance  is highly specialized. In addition to the constant training cprovided by the company itself, our technicians frequently travel to the equipment manufacturers to receive specific training. Choosing MAQFORT is a guarantee of working with the leader…