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Comercializamos Máquinas e Ferramentas Industriais: máquinas Corte Laser Chapa, Máquinas Corte Laser Tubo, Máquinas Corte Plasma, Quinadeiras, Guilhotinas, Calandras, Prensas Hidráulicas, Prensas Mecânicas.

Each equipment has specific parts and consumables for each application and MAQFORT prides itself on having in stock most of the necessary components. Furthermore, we provide technical advice so that you can make the right choices.

Genuine Parts

Trust our global logistics network – but above all the guarantee to use original parts. Your equipment will work faster, more reliably and for longer. MAQFORT is fast and efficient in sending replacement parts. Most are shipped in a record time of 24 hours.


MAQFORT has the consumables and tools your equipment needs to operate uninterruptedly in stock for immediate delivery. Whether it’s lenses and nozzles for laser equipment, punches and dies for bending machines or simple saw blades for your band saw. All at highly competitive prices.