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Mechanical shearing machine with NC controller – MGM Series

Mechanical shearing machine with NC controller – MGM Series

MAQFORT shears are supplied in four models in order to respond to the operational needs of each customer.

Manufactured with high rigidity and containing extremely high quality components, they are also equipped with an easy-to-operate NC controller.

These shears offer a cutting capacity in length ranging from 1350mm to 3100mm and sheet thickness between 3 and 4mm, for the most varied types of metal.

Category:Conventional and CNC Shearing Machine

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Mechanical shears for sheet metal cutting – MGM series

The MGM Series NC-controlled mechanical shears for sheet metal cutting are equipped with the following standard equipment:

  • High rigidity chassis of welded construction;
  • Motorized stop with ball screw;
  • Top and bottom blades with multiple sharp edges;
  • Easy adjustment blade clearance;
  • Front plate support arms;
  • NC controller;
  • Control pedestal with emergency;
  • Front square;
  • Front security guard.

  MAQFORT mechanical shears for cutting sheet metal are developed to cut the most diverse types of metals and can be used in practically all industrial processes. In addition, they have the capacity to perform precision and standardized cuts, they have an excellent system of mechanical clamps, preventing the sheet from moving during cutting.  


  • high production repeatability,
  • easy handling,
  • low maintenance,
  • robust construction and wear resistance.
  • excellent finish on the cuts.



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