CNC Tube and Plate Plasma Cutting Machine – TubeCut Series CNC Tube and Plate Plasma Cutting Machine – TubeCut Series


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CNC Tube and Plate Plasma Cutting Machine – TubeCut Series

CNC Tube and Plate Plasma Cutting Machine – TubeCut Series

The TubeCut series has the greatest versatility and high performance on the market.

It combines all the potential of sheet metal cutting machines with the high quality cutting of tubes and profiles in the same equipment.

Plasma CNC cutting machines are equipment with high capacity and excellent cutting quality.

They are equipped with the latest generation sources, from the Hypertherm brand, which allows the best high definition cut quality on the market.

The characteristics of these equipment make them a valid alternative to laser cutting equipment.

Its versatility responds to the needs of the most diverse sectors, such as agricultural machinery, machine tools, defense industry, naval, energy, furniture, consumer goods and much more.

Equipped with:

hyperterm Highperformance Plasma
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CNC Plate and Tube Plasma Cutting Machine – TubeCut Series

The TubeCut Tube and Plate plasma cutting machines are impeccably built, robust and have perfect parallelism.

Available in several models, CNC plasma cutting machines for sheet metal, TubeCut series, are highly prepared to respond to production needs and come equipped with:

  • Cutting tubes between 30 and 500mm diameter;
  • Highly dimensioned monoblock construction;
  • High construction strength and perfect parallelism;
  • High precision servo motors and rack/pinion;
  • Laser pointer for plate alignment;
  • Hypertherm power supply;
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC software;
  • Automatic tube cutting software;
  • 17’’ touch screen;
  • Torch anti-collision protection;
  • Automatic torch height control;
  • Positioning of axes of ±0.02mm;
  • Positioning speed 20 m/min (max.);
  • Remote assistance;
  • Automatic dust and smoke extraction system;
  • Cutting pause/restart system;
  • Adjustable support for the tube;
  • Application for managing multiple torches.


Cutting Head:

Equipped with a rotating cutting head (5 axes). The TubeCut series is designed for heavy operations, cutting high thickness sheets with high quality.
Allows automatic chamfer cutting (True Bevel Technology), which makes the ppart ready for welding operations/strong>.
The high definition plasma allows the drilling of holes with high accuracy (True Hole Technology)

Cutting capacity and dimension:

Cutting capacity up to 80mm in mild steel and 75mm in thick stainless steel and 50mm in aluminum. Cutting dimension up to 25 meters.

High performance generator:

This high performance CNC plasma cutting machine, equipped with high definition generator, takes plasma cutting to a higher level. The production of highly complex parts has never been so easy and economical.

Monoblock Construction:

The TubeCut series has a high solidity and structural rigidity thanks to its monoblock construction, also guaranteeing an implementation with reduced space occupation.

Waste Extraction:

  Easier access for waste extraction. Waste collection is divided into zones, so cleaning is done only where necessary.

CNC Command:

The CNC command extends the possibility of production to highly complex parts either in sheet or tube

TubeCut models are a version that allows the cutting of tubes from 30mm to 500mm in diameter, this system is an advanced option that increases the versatility of thePROCUT and BEVELCUT versions.


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Power Supply

Power Supply

Mild steel *

Stainless Steel *

Aluminum *


20 mm - 40 mm

20 mm - 32 mm

20 mm - 32 mm


25 mm - 40 mm

20 mm - 40 mm

25 mm - 40 mm


32 mm - 50 mm

25 mm - 50 mm

32 mm - 38 mm

HPR 130 XD

32 mm - 38 mm

20 mm - 25 mm

20 mm - 25 mm

HPR 400 XD

50 mm - 80 mm

45 mm - 80 mm

40 mm - 80 mm

HPR 800 XD

50 mm - 80 mm

75 mm - 160 mm

75 mm - 160 mm

XPR 300

45 mm - 80 mm

38 mm - 75 mm

38 mm - 50 mm