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CNC Folding Plate Machines – Servo controlled

CNC Folding Plate Machines – Servo controlled

EVOBEND CNC folding machines are highly revolutionary. It is the world's first fully electric and servo-controlled folding machine.

With an innovative design, this folding machine allows you to process angles that were not possible until now. Its patented double folding system has simplified the development of operations, ensured precision and increased the variation of the final products.

With no friction, from the bending tools, the final parts are presented in perfect condition.

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CNC folding plate Machines- Servo Controlled

The CNC folding plate – Servo Controlled, is built based on long years of experience and contacts with our customers, this allowed us to create an innovative product. It innovates in terms of processes, simplifying their use and the diversity of products that can be developed. In addition to these features, the following stand out:

Unparalleled flexibility

Its revolutionary system, patented and standard on these folding plate machines, allows bending angles of 300º (150º upwards + 150º downwards) to be achieved, allowing the production of highly complex parts quickly and economically.

At the same time, this system drastically reduces drag marks caused by bending.

Compact and modular design

The issue of space occupation was taken into account from the beginning of development. Compared to conventional folding machines, EVOBEND requires much less space to be installed.


They are available in 4, 6 and 8 meters as standard, other dimensions can be delivered on request.

They have the capacity to bend plates up to 2mm.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of our machines is based on three main points:

– Uprights have bearings with a 1:10 coefficient of friction compared to conventional bearings.

– The energy efficiency of our servo motors is 98%, the conventional (hydraulic) system used by competitors is only 50%.

– The patented bending system drastically reduces the amount of mass to be moved. Making it economical and above all very fast and reliable.

Low maintenance

The servo controlled system drastically reduces the need for maintenance when compared to hydraulic systems. There are no leaks, neither is there a need to change hoses and periodic oils.

Any adjustment is electronic and not mechanical.


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